Comtech Elevate

Comtech Elevate is Comtech’s latest VSAT platform. Elevate is targeted to meet the widest range of applications, all addressable on a single platform.

Elevate can scale to support highly oversubscribed networks such as ATM machines or SCADA networks, up to networks that need dedicated capacity at 200+ Mbps such as 5G cellular stations or cruise line operators. Elevate leverages the scale and ease of use of our UHP VSAT platform as well as leveraging the ultra-high speed and extreme efficiency of our Heights platform.

Comtech Elevate can scale to +500,000 sites, it is cloud based with virtualized hub elements, supports centralized licensing and many forms of local and geographic redundancy. Comtech Elevate supports mobility, GEO, MEO and LEO constellations and all on a platform that consumes the lowest power per site of any VSAT.